December 30, 2007

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Ugh. STM hits again. Past few days has been – Bff on my couch (she looks like such a MOUSE running back on forth between the telly & couch and eating my pringles) , with Terry by the pool (& falling asleep by it) & many many supper meals (he is such an angel) , Fish&co & grocery shopping with Mummy, Changi Sailing Club for light breeze and dinner, Arena with the usuals where the drunktard – Justin, puked & suddenly ran away & late night dvds.

I am so fucking sexcited for tmr’s NYE BIG COUNTDOWN! =D

One of my last few days of freedom till exams in 3 weeks! Not to mention projects here & there. It sucks even thinking about it.

Cant wait to hit the beach tmr anyw. =DDD



Oh yes, & i fucking hate those crows crowing away every morning which makes it harder for me to sleep since i only sleep after 7 am everyday now. Ill shoot them down if i have a gun…


December 28, 2007

2 Hearts

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You know you finally found it cause you feel it when it’s taken away.


December 26, 2007

My Number One

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Its Boxing Day. & yet, does anyone remember the catastrophe from 2/3/4 years ago (okay la, my memory stinks)? The Tsunami Disaster.

It just suddenly occured to me today. Funny how such a HUGE disaster of such magnitude which caused countless deaths could be easily forgotten over the years. Then i rmb, life goes on. Sad but true.

Nye is coming. Still wondering if i should make my resolutions list. I doubt ANY of us ever keeps to it. But if i could, and i swear Ill try, the top of my list would be written in bright pink stating “I must be a good daughter.”

After xmas dinner I suddenly felt soooo much love and affection for my mum. The way she, uhh, remove the prawn’s head and de-shell it before giving it to me just cos i find it disgusting. & how she always scolds my dad when he takes the fleshiest part of the fish cos she left it for me all just bcos i got chocked on fish bones 3 times before & even got myself landed in the hospital. Thats not to say i dont have luuuurrrrrve for my dad. I do adore him. When he is not too busy nagging and making fun of me.

I repaid their love by yelling, drinking & coming back in the morning everyday even when there is school. Even a certain asshole said “If you are my daughter, i would have chop off your head.” (This is the only thing he says that makes sense.) Sometimes I’d give anything to have a sibling cos im not sure if i can ever live up to my parents’ expectations. At least they will still have someone else to rely on. I am such an irresponsible idiot of a daughter.

Okay thats it. Im gonna be a good daughter 2008 onwards.

December 24, 2007

Santa didn’t come

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Screwed, it was.

Started off with my mum cooking dinner. Lobsters, roasted chicken, salad, champagne & the works. It was great really. =)

Left the hse ard 9 plus & went to Jazz @ South Bridge (with my parents this time). Left ard 12 plus after countdown & finished the damn bottle.

Bak Ku Teh for supper. (It was horrible)

Went to Geog (again) & met up with Justin&co. The band started to really irritate me after awhile & decided to meet Terry at Ecp for some catch up. Thank god for him la, really. Beach Cabana & some chit chats till morning. =))

Oh yes, quarrels again with The Musketeers.

If only… …

Eve of the Eve

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Ok was at Geographer on eve of the eve of lovely Xmas.

Eh was with D, Jeremy & Justin. My toe nail broke & bleed like crazy. Vomitted in the cab & in the toilet. I still dont know how i managed to cook for myself 2 packets of maggi. Shiok.

& i remembered quarrelling with all three of them before i left.

I surprise myself all the time.

December 22, 2007

Capital L.O.O.S.E

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Hello. Anyw refresh memory again. Since ive landed fromm bkk, its Arena on wed&thurs & Zouk on Sat. =)

Wed & Thurs is pretty good. At least i got to see Alvin, J&stuff. Many things happened la. Too long&hot&boring.

Fri – Met the bastard. Believed his honeyed diabetic words.

Sat – Got cheated & my dignity got stepped all over by the BASTARD at Cine. I guess ive got no one to blame but myself. I let my heart got in the way of my instincts. & FUCKING THANKS TO THAT, im now a Slut with capital S. Bff is right. All girls are fools in one way or another. & bcos i was a fucking fool to have believed your words, i deserve to be slapped till i wake up from my idea. My own silly delusional idea.

Fuck la. Im gonna punch & squeeze the juice out of his fucking balls the next time i see him. Asswipe. Ask me who he is & Ill most probably tell you. ARGH!

I was angry for about a millionth of a second. Anger turned into hatred. Hatred turned into disappointment.. & then finally, ashamed. No one could have bruised my ego worst than you just did AND no one could have make a bigger fool out of me like you did.


Since when did everything have to change from sec school when innocence was still prevailent.

Zouk was fun with the dearest anyway!  and a few others who made me smile. =)

Hello babyyyy, we broke record tonight! Its sec 4 all over!

Okok. Photos soon! IF I CAN GET IT!



Yah ok. This is the worst one but i sill like it. =)


Ling & My Fav Girl


QQ! (Yes ah,  we so fucking brk record that night) Hahaha

Im not fat!


Yes, thats it. =)

December 19, 2007

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Im back!

& i smell like…. dung now cos ive just landed & yet to bathe.

Oh boooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Not much photos taken. But this bkk trip was way-fucking-better than last year’s cos i didnt bother to shop much then. Only know how to eat.

Now, i know how to eat, shop, look at hot stuff  & enjoy massage.


December 14, 2007

Big Day

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heeheehee. I am FINALLY 18! Damn its such a sweeeeeet day!

Mia-ed from school the whole week & had so many excuses to do the things i want!

Wed – Dinner at NYDC with Ivy thennnn Zouk again! I got drunk so badly i cant remember nuts about what happened till Ivy told me i threw hot dog at Leon & pissed a whole lot of people including Winnie. & Talked to random strangers telling them they have Aids. Hahaha. Its fucking embarassing & i just want to flush my head down the toilet bowl. I dont want to know other shit stuffs i did man. Baadddddddd!

& Thank you sweeeetheart for not throwing me on the floor leaving me to fend for myself. Hahaha.

Thurs – Slept afternoon off & tried to forget the frigging nightmare ive cause on wed. Met up with Bff & dinner at Nydc again. Arena up next & it was sweeeeeeeet of some people la.


Fri – Had dinner with my parents at The Pump Room till… 11? Headed to Zouk and met with Vincent, Leon, Kian & co. Seperated halfway due to fucking-packed-crowd. Finally got to see XY after such a long time! Met up with Justin & Jeremy in the club and gave up on Phuture & went to Geographer instead. Was there till 5 & now im home! Im typing all this shit out cos i cant bloody sleep & the liquour effect is keeping me up.  2 more hours before im outta the house & off to Bangkok!

Heehee! Ill be back on Wed, people. & Thanks to everyone who wished me.

I appreciate it alot. =D

December 12, 2007

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Hello! Lets be crazy kids & Zouk tonight!

God, im so happy-fucking-relieved. Last week of school!

December 10, 2007

Chips & Poker

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Alright, back!

Had Winnie at my place for the past 2 nights. Rented gore movies (Saw, Saw2, dead silence…) Ok la, Dead Silence dosent cut as gore but still counts la. Way better than chick flicks & romance comedies. Snucked out my dad’s Chivas & Baileys & pigged out on the e chips we grocery shopped at Amk Hub. (But my dad found out eventually cos half the bottle was finished and his reaction : “Bloody hell”)

Couldnt get to sleep due to disgusting images & played pocker till we could see the sun.

That poor girl puked. =/ Hahahah.

We did that for 2 whole nights & the slumber party ended and im back to studying for FM i know nuts about tmr.


I look like my face is squinched up in agony.

Hideous, hideous pictures! So no pictures! & this was taken way towards the end.

Suddenly i feel like such a homely creature.

December 7, 2007

Missing the Missing

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So, life has been wierdddd the past few days/nights/dreams. Its like im stuck in an endless loop of “What the ****” over & over.

Ladies Night was terrible! It was good in the beginning then things went on a downhill slide. Couldnt have been more disgusted. (with myself, too) But thanks to Winnie, Ivy, Alvin,Leon & the others who were there. =)

Yea… i cant feel the festive spirit & the anticipation i feel building up before my bd every year. The emotional well just went dry. This year.

I miss the company i still had when i celebrated my bd last year.

Old is more than gold.

But then again…

… the only constant thing that will never change is Change.

December 5, 2007

A pile of…

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I look and feel like a pile of… yea, shit.

Haven slept, too bloated, too tired, in class, too cranky & i just wanna hurry get the fuck home and sleep that big pimple under my nose away!

Fuckit and it hurts a hellolottttttttttttttt!

Im counting down the minutes till im free.


PS. A good long chat cures almost anything. I said amost.

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