March 31, 2008

Its not halloween. Take off your mask.

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Do you know whats the biggest turn off? Guys that go around the internet “hunting” for girls. Guys that go ard leaving bitching for countless random girls repeating “Youre so pretty. Can we be friends?? ” or saying sth equally moronic. Guys who believe in finding his next girlfriend or “true friendship” online. Whatever. Whosgoing should be renamed Whosgoingtopickherup. Guys that stab their friends in the back for girl’s attention. (Hypocrites! Whatever happened to “Bros over Hos”) Guys that try to shove their mini dicks behind girls in clubs. Guys that has to resort to lousy pickup lines (Your dad must be a thief cos he plucked the stars and put them in your eyes). Moron! & your dad must be a eunuch cos you dont have enough balls to come up with sth better than that. Guys that has to use money to buy company. Guys that go ard flirting with their gfs’ friends. Guys that act as if they are damn pitiable. Guys who have “I want to get laid tonight” chopped on their foreheads. Guys who type like mutha-fucking TWITS. Guys that act as if they are on “besties” term with you.  Whoever said NS turns boys to man? Bullshit. Grow up already. Time to actually think with your brains, not your dicks.


Because these are the traits a quality man will not do.

& my life isnt a fucking friendster where you can just ask to be in my Top6. Get it right.


March 30, 2008

Ive got my eyes set on THIS.

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I want to go…


… SKYDIVING! BUT, no jumps are allowed in Spore. “The airspace is for the exclusive use of the very busy international airport, and, the army. So, no sports skydiving in Singapore. There used to be a drop zone here but it had to close down a long time ago when the traffic of the international airport became really heavy.” BUTBUTBUT, theres still our neighbouring countries! & the ones from UK & Australia are SO fucking cool la. & apparently the ground training isnt as long as i thought it would take!

&&& check this out!


SKYSURFING! & its damn popular in Europe & UK. Theres this club thats apparently so “elite” or sth they accept less than 1000 pple worldwide. Only experienced skydivers need apply. They can jettison their boards from up high, a move that could harm people below and a reason some skydiving clubs do not sanction skysurfing. & the stunts they perform are sooooo COOL LA!

Who wants to sign up with me? Skydiving, i mean.

(I am fucking serious!!!)

March 29, 2008


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Winnie Tan Pooh Boh asked me to blog about her. (I think im the only one tt still calls her Winnie.) About what a nice friend she is. See, you can tell how self-obssessed she is alr. She likes a boy that looks like a mouse now with apparently big balls. Heeheehee. She likes her acuvue define lenses but sometimes when she makes me angry, i feel like digging it out. Oh yes, when she stays over, she occupies 79% of my bed & snatches my blanket. & when we watch movies that SHE watch alr, she cant control herself & tells me the ending before it started. Another reason to poke her eyes.

Oops. I forgot she asked me to write something NICE.

Okok. She bought me noodles when i was sick. But above all, she accompanies me whenver i feel the whole world is sinking. Oh she adores cats. I dont. I just feel like stepping on their tails. & forget about what some pple saying about being there for you but mia-ed, its who proved it in the end. Sometimes i treat her as my boyfriend cos i can call her in the middle of the night when i need some good ol lovin’ & she is always there w/o fail. Yea, you read it right. Always.

I, Elaine, am a fucking whiney bitch & you, Winnie, have it under control. Afterall, 6 years of friendship does amount to a substantial amount of a space in ur heart. Shit happens but acceptance of each other? Divine.


March 27, 2008

Feel good day

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I dont like it when pple lie to me (Hey, i know it. I just dont disclose sometimes), or twist the facts, try to psychoanalyze me (which is a bloody waste of time bcos most of the time, they cant get it right), manipulate me (esp pple who puts up a pitiable front so you will treat them better) & worst, thinking they know me well. They’re all liars. Whatever! & if someone lies to you or breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. If its a guy, just aim good ladies & kick his balls. Oh sure it seems obvious now, but you’d be amazed at how many pple dont think its relevant. C’mon i dont have such issues if that asswipe spoilt my day. Just punch them in the face & get some ice cream.

March 26, 2008

Clowns & Jokers

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I didnt think we were making memories. I just thought we were having fun


Have been dinner & town-ing almost everyday now. Dinner then movies or maybe a chat. Whatever. Boring. Im not saying the people are boring. Im saying the lifestyle is. I want to do sth different. Visit the zoo then walk to the car park screaming ,”RUN RUN! THEY’RE ALL LET LOOSE” or something. I dont know. Do something a little crazy without getting hauled off to the police station. Maybe sky diving or sth. But i dont know any places that offers it. Unless ure a commando. The name “Commando” sounds so… sexy can. Hahaha. Talking to XY about all the hot boys now. (They have greasy hair, bad odour, big feet and thick red lips. Paint their noses red and you’ll get a bunch of circus clowns. Hmm, kinda like Ronald MacDonald.) Hilarious.I feel like like taking a 12 feet giant truck & knock them down. Hahahahaha. Sigh. Sometimes i think im too sacarstic i wonder why i still have friends.

I cant bloody stop laughing.

March 25, 2008

Chemistry Lesson

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When your sixteen, logic & experience dont matter, all that matters is the way you feel & the way you felt the first time you knew it was love. Maybe not love but the term “First Love” just blows me away everytime. It is SO corny but it has a ring of sweetness to it. Now as i get older, 19 this year, i thought i knew far better. But who knew life gets more elusive when we age. Love isnt what i thought when i was 6 – You brushing the hair off my face. It wasnt what i thought when i was 10 – You chasing me ard the playground trying to tickle me. It isnt what i thought it was when i was 15 – Taking neoprints & writing TWIT letters. And now, at 19, i dont know what the hell it is. Love is now replaced by sexual attraction. Blame MTV. Blame the designer who came up with skanky clothes. Blame the media for all the sexual hype. Blame date drugs. Blame ourselves for getting swayed. There isnt anything more risky to your heart than a man with charm. Its a one stop candy shop.

I do not care what car you drive or where you live. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. If youre an Alist Blist or whatever list. If your clothes are this season’s cutting edge or 2nd hands. If your trust fund is unlimited. I only care about the words that flutter through your extraordinary mind. Because thats the only thing you truely own. The only thing i will remember you by. I will not love you for the things you own. I will not love you for your skin and bones. I will not fall in love with anything but the words fluttering through your extraordinary mind.

March 24, 2008

For you.

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I feel like shit. A huge pile of shit. Im sorry i didnt turn up for your birthday. I hope you understand. I didnt want to go and face everything again. I didnt ignore the calls bcos of some bullshit reason. I ignored it bcos i dont want to hear about you. That now, we can only visit you. It sounds so wrong. In my mind, we were supposed to celebrate together. Sometimes i miss you a little too much. I see your photos & you looked so happy i keep wondering what went wrong. Somehow, somewhere along the line, something did. But you just looked so happy. I saw it reflected in ur eyes every photo you take. How could someone so picture perfect, so happy, so passionate for life in every single way went so wrong? I miss you so goddamn much. Everyone is moving on now but your parents. All that has been said, has been. I just miss your presence ard me all the time. Ive been typing and deleting again every other sentence. No words can even come close to describe how i feel. I hated you, despised you, yet you can make me happy even when i was sad in a matter of minutes. Love is hard. Damn hard. & this was the closest ive came to. You were my best friend. You complement me. You complete me. At times, i saw you as my soulmate. We get into the biggest fights. I guess thats bcos its one rship im willing to fight for. You just make me miss you too much. If i can slap you now, you know i would. A 100 times wouldnt even be enough. I would scream my lungs out and kick you if i could. I wish you were here so i could tell you how hard it is.

1_689571199l.jpg    1_188552945l.jpg


I miss you & i love you so much. Hope youre happy wherever you are now. =)

Happy 21st birthday.

March 20, 2008

The rollercoaster ride never ends

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Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.
-Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Im always the one stabbing myself. Ill scold myself & say “never again” but thennnn, there i go, again. Thats right, im stabbing myself now again. Bcos here i go, again. I am the most retarded person i know. I bang myself against the wall, tell myself to turn & walk to another direction but end up walking straight into it again prolly breaking my nose, legs & forehead.

I need some love. Throw me some chocolates. There is nothing to do at work today, again. Sigh, okay back to Viwawa to earn some points. My doll is still naked.

March 19, 2008

Get off my head

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I wish i can look at a man as if he was my whole world. With a love that encompasses not only of lust but i-cant-live-without-you love. I want to look at him the way my mum looks at my dad. She looks at him as if they share the most beautiful secret in the world. As if he was her strongest point but at the same time, her weakest. She has naked adoration in her eyes. She just dosent know i noticed it. I really wish i could feel that way. It sounds so beautiful.

I am such a damn pushover. Time to cut out the unnecessary frills from my life.

The world will tell you who you are until you tell the world.

March 17, 2008


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Trend & Fashion can be bought, not style.

You can buy all things from Bugis street to Bebe to Burberry & still not have it.

You cant buy Style & Originality.

Talk is cheap. & anything that can be bought with money is cheap.

March 16, 2008

Another whatever weekend

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MOS on Fri & Sat – again. Fri was damn sex. I was happy & loaded with booze & the music was uppity up up. (Maybe cos when i have booze, im 24/7 happy) Was with Xy, Yaozhong& co. Met up with Jason at members & the rest of the night is history. Too lazy to go into details. Short & sweet.

xy21.jpg        xy3.jpg

me23.jpg         me4.jpg

Sat was a bitch la seriously. Was nearly depressed (bcos of some mia-ing) & had quarrels with Exo. Everyone knows that the seasons change; it’s unavoidably obvious. But for some reason everyone tries to ignore the fact that people do too.

The guys at the dance floor were fucking deperates. Thats why i wear high heels for. To kick their balls.

My compt is also a huge bulldog of a bitch. Cannot edit photos. I have a TON to. Yea, i get irritated easily, how do you know? But i get happy easily too. Shit fuck, i have a bad habit of talking to myself. Okay, im almost done whining. BITCH!

March 14, 2008

I would

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Today isnt just another day. Today, I’ll create something beautiful.

I just love morning conversations with my Dad during breakfast. He was talking about The Arts today. He told me if i were to keep breaking rules, why not break conformities, uniformity & conservatism instead? Make a radical change to my lifestyle. My mundane routined boring lifestyle. I have been too conditioned to the lifestyle im leading to bother to change it. Even if its bad for me. The worst sin – perhaps the only sin – passion can commit, is to be joyless. Senseless clubbing & letting loose all the time isnt exactly passion. It dosent give me a sense of fulfillment. I feel so useless when i read magazines with headlines stamped “Young Women Achievers Award” or something equally moronic & depressing. Passion is un-negotiable. You cant transfer it to something else you have little interest in. Lets see, i have interest in Dance & Finance. But im exactly sure it will be a talent.

Had another deep conversation with Exo last night when he came over. I was vvvv temperamental ytd tt he got slightly scared. Afterall, its not often he says “Im sorry, dont be angry anymore k” Nice words. We talked about the past, recent days, the future, everything & nothing. I have no idea since when, but my anger towards him has since disappeared. Thats good. Harbouring bitchy thoughts can be tiring.


Today, Ill create something beautiful.

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