June 30, 2008

Your Invitation

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She sits there lounging on the cream-coloured velvet chair, her snow white skin melting along with it. Her delicate frame almost seem too lavish to let the chair hold her exquisite weight. Her right leg tucked neatly under the other, she is too consumed in her book to notice the vibes she is giving out. Vibes. Her sensuality and feminity vibes pulsated across the room, coarsing throught every matter in being. As she exhaled, the smoke from her cigarette danced around her lips, enticing her for more. She reaches out for her glass of champagne, stained with the marks of her lips, gently stroking the crystal glass stem. She inhales deeply for the last time. Her cigarette has reached its end as she snubbed it gently on the tray. A gentle breeze brushed across her, caressing her, whispering sweet melodies into her ears. Nature. The most beautiful unintended sound ever created. Her silk top shimmered against her as she reaches for her cardigan to cover herself, draping it across her shoulders. The ever so subtle move of enshrouding herself sent alarms ringing in the heads of all hot-blooded males. Her audience stared, enraptured by her beauty. “Does she not know it?”, they thought. Still ever so consumed in her book, she does not notice the furtive glances shooting at her from all directions. Her phone rings. She hesitates. He calls her a goddess, worshiping the ground she walks on. He was yet another dreaming fool. Fools. People at the edge of their dreams. In a way, humans are all fools in the making. All too absorbed in their reverie, reality slid past them. She walks out, her shadow silently following her footsteps. What is left of her is her smell that lingers.


June 28, 2008

Stuck in a jam

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I dont want just a memory. Give me fire.

June 27, 2008

What you wanna be?

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Im glad the PCD finally released a new song – When i grow up. They’re so hot!

When I grow up
I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star
I wanna be in movies

When I grow up
I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars
I wanna have groupies

My mum almost chocked and i was banging the table hysterically when i sang “When i grow up i wanna see the world, drive nice cars, i wanna have boobies” hahaha

Im not done growing up yet. More, please.

June 26, 2008

You can buy a life for $100

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I am so bored, i am feeling the need to cause a riot, crack champagne bottles & smear my lips with bright red lipstick kissing all the crystal stemware before smashing them goodbye.


My life isnt as fun black & white. I want to stick those multi-coloured paint balloons all ard my house & shoot them with darts so i can go to sleep & wake up the next day knowing ill have a colourful day. Ill take out all the paint tubes ive saved in sec school and create different shades with it. There can be many Greens, Blues, Reds and Yellows.

I want new experiences. Yellow-blue. Magneta-red. Royal blue-pink.


Life is too short living in a crayon box with only 10 shades. When was the last time you did something for the first time?


June 24, 2008

Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrving it up.

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I fell in Love. It was easy & it was hard. I fell hard. Real hard.


Given a choice, i wouldnt come back for good. One of the many reasons for the huge fight with my Dad in Melbourne. I got so steamed i almost took the passport and left. He knows me too well. Much as i hate to admit it.


Melbourne was not as fun as remembered and we started on a rocky start. Long delay at the airport, not enough sleep, cab driver brought us to the wrong Hyatt & i needed my gloves badly. Sydney on the other hand, a blast! Heeheehee


Nicholas brought me ard, gore/thriller movies throughout the night, pubbing, great dinners & of course, shopping. I didnt get to climb the harbour bridge though. =/ I asked him if it was really worth it. To give it all up & move down under armed with a new lease of life. Never been better, he said. If only i have the luxury to say that. Even with the service apartments & regular first class flights, it cant hold him back in Spore.


I emphatize. Sydney is one of the best city ive been. It has the fast-paced quality of Spore which i adore, but there is no discrimination against professions there unlike all other big cities. Here, a plumber or painter will be talked down & often, a lack of respect for them. Over there, everyone is equal. You can find a millionaire & a homeless person at the same free concert. The people working there are not caught in the rat race like most people here are. In spore, children are forced to conform in the society. To be the creme de la creme in future. There, no rush. That is the beauty of it i love so much.


Que sera sera.


Too many people, too little time there. Photos another day. The weather is fucking killing me. I should just stick my head in the freezer now.

June 10, 2008


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I think EVERYONE forget what i look like already. I almost forgot how to upload photos. Pathetic.

Heh. Ive not been taking self-shots in AGES! Dosent this look the girl in your dreams? HAHAHAH ok ok ok shut up shut up shut up. 6 am now & its my “high” period. Hahahahahahahha.

Anyw im dead alr. Im leaving for Melbourne on Fri & ill return next next Mon midnight. Ill miss one paper on Mon & i have 2 papers the next day. Havent even started! m glued to my laptop. Online shoping & movies everyday. But i heard putting a laptop on your lap and typing away will kill sperms. Though im female, i dont want to be told when im 30 that i cant conceive!

Okay, back to The Chronicles Of Narnia. Fantasy stories are better than expected.

June 9, 2008

You. Me. There.

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Past few days – Facial, Hard Rock Cafe (twice), Gelare, Cracked open bottlesss of red wine, SHOPPINGGGGG, tried to pack my closet & cried over the movie Click & drama Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao. That guy, dont know his name, acted with Rainie in Devil Beside You damn hot please. Dont know why i fall so hard for bad boys. Whats with their lashes anyway? Its longer than mine. Ok ok ok, shut up shut up shut up.

& ive been really itchinggg & anticipatinggg to go to this certain place. Ive waited so bloody long already. Ive been even fantasizing about that place. I keep smiling to myself as if im on crack.

Mmmm, but i’ll wait it out. Im not ready yet.

There are no shortcuts for places worth going…

June 7, 2008

In my heart, I saw a house.

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When i was 3, i looked into my heart, i saw my parents. The loves of my life.

When i was 10, i looked into my heart, i saw playgrounds, ice-cream & my very first crush. I was inculpable. I was still untainted.

When i was 13, i looked into my heart, i met the people who have since changed my life. The darlings who held the strings to my soul.

When i was 16, i looked into my heart, it no longer housed the 2 most significant people in my life. I pounced & walked in into the Unfamiliar. A parlous, yet exhilarating journey i embraced.  I met more people who metamorphosed my life. They taught me good, they taught me well. But, we all know, good things never last. I had a heart. A heart that did not believe in ad infinitum. Coupled with vices & the 7 Sins, i said hello to the World.

Now, when i look into my heart, the fog has cleared & i can finally see them again. My parents. My family. The loves of my life.

Im growing, still learning. But i learnt the most important thing i wish everyone could see too. Parents can give you something sometimes your best of friends & other half doubt themself with – Unconditional Love. Inexplorable, unrelenting, unyielding love.

This isnt my dream home, my fantasy house. But, nonetheless, its still a home to Mickey, Minnie & Cinderella. And in my heart, i saw a house. The place i call Home.

Thanks for everything.

June 5, 2008

I feel old.

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Harry’s at CHIJMES, Timbre at The Substation, Sex & the City-ed & finally, midnight drinks at some cafe in Bishan Park with J.

SATC is overrated. The series is definitely better. I dont get why so many people says it should be R21. It really wasnt much. That is 1 reason why I dont like to be with conservative people. I cant be myself aound them. Im glad none of my friends are. Hahaha. Their clothes are goddamn gorgeous! They shop labels like how i drink water.

Was half stoned when i caught the movie. After being such a homely creature the past few months, a pint of beer is enough to knock me off my feet. Whats more, i had 5. BEER! The smell of hard liquour and cocktails turn me off now. I feel fucking bloated, constipated & im not tipsy enough to rape my bed. Its 5 am & im not going to bed till i see the sun & hear the roosters crow. That cbk J scared me in the park mumbling abt not looking up at trees at night. Supernatural stuff. & i looked up. & i thought i saw something white. I hope its just my astigmatism acting up.

Photos later. If im not lazy.

June 4, 2008

Where are you?

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You can buy gold, silver & all royalties a king adorn himself with.

You can go to all the beautiful places awaiting for you & shower yourself with all decadent things the finest luxuries in life provide.

You can keep all your friends around you by hiding who you really are because the idea of being ordinary intimidates you.

You can buy the whole shop & project a style which is embellished with rich and beautiful imagery

You have qualities that delight the eyes.

But, the most beautiful parts are the ones people hide all their lives.

The wings don’t make you fly. The crown don’t make you King.

The beauty seems right by force of beauty, and the feeble wrong because of weakness.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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