August 31, 2008

Something better than gravity

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“Is this love? Is it real? Is it you who have stolen my heart?”



When am i in peace? When i am in your arms.


Weekend well spent

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Since the end of the exams, ive been treating baby’s place like my own house. I think i can stay there forever. His bed is my kingdom. Hahahahahha. Caught 4bia with him after the exams & i screamed like nobody’s business. The last horror show i watched was Alone. A freaking year ago. Thai horror movies always worth to watch. Ang moh & korean ones waste time. No balls.



Finally seperated from him Sat noon & i slept till 7 plus before heading to Dempsey for dinner. This time round had dinner at Margarita’s. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Spore, i say.






This was probably only half of what we had. The tiramisu is huge! A 1000 calories down to my ass now. We ordered this really cute drink that has fruit bits inside coupled with red wine & liquour. Really nice! Had drinks at Quarubar aftermath.




I dont know since when ive chose hard liquour over ladies drink. I hate sweet drinks except milo. That night damn attract attention. Break glass, break jug, banged the car into the big flowerpot when reversing and a bunch of people came out to look. Heng no scratches.


Had supper at Jln Kayu after that. I suddenly have the phobia of using public utensils. When i think about how many people stuck it into their mouth i feel so grossed out. Sigh. Anyway I feel so bad. My friends know how my mood swings and temperament is. Damn drastic. I feel so bad when he said “Talk to me nicer please” in that tone. Hear already bth. =( I will also be guilty one hor!


That explains my sad face in the photo below. =(



Sigh. Good food is my weakness. I can just throw money at it. I need a job before i spend my whole life away like a useless crap. There is a small small small chance i might be able to work for my mum. But she is just scared that i wont do anything she ask me to cos im just one huge ass lazy bum.



August 27, 2008

Notes, food, sleep. Repeat.

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Exams for the past 2 weeks. Left with 1 paper! Im so happy im left with 1 semester. Told myself to mug during the study break before the exams but always end up slacking, sleeping & watching movies. The heavy rain the past few days made napping super shiok.


Met the bf for dinner on Sunday night at Bishan.






Went to his hse after that. You see his tiko smile when he massage my legs, you just know he loves my legs. Hahahahah. Foot massage is a love hate thing. Damn shiok but damn itchy. I always end up kicking the masseur bcos i bth. Reflex lah. But strangely arousing leh. Nabei.


Friday, had lunch after the exam at FIN, Marina Sq. Was walking around and around and around. Went to 3 different restaurants with Ann before settling on at FIN. Had my favourite dessert, chocolate fondant. Hehe. Tiramisu took a back kick already. That day damn sian. Went back & forth from school to photocopy stuff. The travelling totally spoilt my mood so i vent it on the boyfriend when he picked me up. He so poor thing. HAHAHA.


That day rain again. Damn nice la.




And i cant remember which day, i was craving for this…



Its been so long since i ate it. The whole packet damn cheap can. 2 bucks for pleasure.

I feel like i went back to Kindergarden school.

August 22, 2008

20 Random Facts

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1. On days when i wake up really early, i will get motion sickness just from walking for 5 mins & vomit.


2. I once urined in the class in front of everyone in Primary2 bcos the chinese teacher punished me for talking in class and forbade me from going to the toilet. I couldnt help it.


3. I have the itchy-mouth syndrome. I never get how girls can go on diet and refrain themselves from eating.


4. Ive always wanted to be shu nu. But then again, shu nu(s) dont swear 30 times a day.


5. From first impression, people always thought me to be ladylike. They usually change their mind the next day.


6. No matter what people say, i still think Madonna is a hag.


7. I dont know how to ride a damn bicycle. Dont bother trying to teach. 7 people have tried & failed.


8. I love going for my once-in-3-weeks facial so i can steal a glance at the dermatalogist. Hot stuff.


9. I love love love love love watching Discovery & Nat Geo channel. Its the only channels i watch on cable. My favourites are the ones on crime scene investigation & wild animals.


10. The korean drama “Stairways to Heaven” traumatized me badly. I started to believe in true love ever since EXCEPT that it aint love if it isnt forever. Love isnt weeks, months or yearts. Its forever.


11. I think my parents are hot. Have you seen my dad?


12. I can eat Ban Mian everyday. I did that 4x a week for the past 2 years.


13. Bff & i used to write looooong letters to each other. Mine was often tear stained. Times changed. We use emails now.


14. The only pet ive ever had is a goldfish and it died the next day.


15. Im the only one that failed in my Home Economics exam. I grabbed my neighbour’s purple cabbage and threw it in a pot of boiling grains. The whole thing became purple. I thought it was delicious.


16. When i was in P3/4, i saved my allowance for days so that i could buy a pen for my dad on his birthday. He didnt use it & it was the last thing i bought for him. (I didnt have the habit to save ever since)


17. Ive decided i will never ever let my child be an only child like my parents did me. They didnt spoil me enough anyway


18. Deep down, i like confident & cocky people. If you got it, flaunt it.


19. I strive under pressure. Give me tight deadlines, long to-do lists & im on the go.


20. My boyfriend is fucking adorable.

August 17, 2008

Do you think you’re beautiful?

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Congrats on the Silver, btw.


Anyway, tell me, WHO is PRETTIER?




The left one is gorgeous isn’t she?

 A 9 year old girl from Beijing who has been feautured in several tv advertisements.


What about the right one? The one with the buck tooth? Is she pretty?

Do you think she will grow up living a life where male species of all sorts will flock around her?


Im sure many of you heard about it already. The right one, Yang Peiyi, is the real singer of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony & the left one, Lin Miaoke, lip-synched to it.


“The main consideration was the national interest,” he said. “The child on the screen should be flawless in image, in her internal feelings, and in her expression. In the matter of her voice, Yang Peiyi was flawless, in the unanimous opinion of all the members of the team.”

That was until attention turned to Yang Peiyi’s teeth. Nevertheless, Mr Chen thought the end result a perfect compromise.”

Peiyi didnt perform life due to the face they didnt deem her adorable enough. They wanted a perfect voice, a perfect image & a perfect show. This was their show, finally. They had every right to make it perfect. Even the fireworks were pre-recorded & digitally enhanced before beamed across the world.



Being told whether you are cute or not at a young age, told of your beauty, what impact would it have on you? Pathetic isn’t it? Inner beauty isnt what matter. Strangers cant see your morals. They cant feel your character. Aesthetics, on the other hand, is a different story. That is whats important now.


This reminds me of something. I randomly turned to Channel 5 one night & ANTM was on. I rooted for Heather. She is gorgeous. Who cares about her Asperger’s Syndrome? She is perfect inside out to me. Bianca on the other hand, made me want to slap her inside out. She is HIDEOUS. I dont care for her long legs & toned arms. She is insecure, jealous and one backstabbing hypocritical bitch.


Yet, in that episode, WHO CARES about whats inside? You’re competing in ANTM!


THe best photo wins. & YET, Heather got kicked off. She even wrote a letter to the other models before she left saying she “i found family.” And that little 2faced aphro bitch said “she didnt even make a difference now that she left.”

Jealousy kills. WHY? Because Heather is picture perfect. Snow white skin & a sharp nose it pair it off with. She could bring Snow White to tears. To top it off, she is actually a really sweet girl.


But then again, who gives a damn?

Look around. What do you see? 400 advertisements telling you what you should look like everyday. The gorgeous flawless one. How to tease you hair so guys would worship the ground you walk on. How to select the best lingerie to enhance you figure so the guy would come in his pants as soon as he sees you. How to get the perfect nails!


Pathetic isnt it? The code of society’s moral conduct is bullshit.


And ANYONE who tells me looks isnt important when it comes to selecting your bf/gf should just eat dung now. I call your bluff.

August 12, 2008

The 2 best things in life

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Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou

August 11, 2008

School’s Out

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School semester is finally done with. Was ready to stay in after slogging away for the past month. But, things dont always go as planned do they?

Ended up with a night at Flyer & my favourite BKT for supper.



I dont know about you. But im sick of the same thing day after day, year after year. So this National Day, Ive decided to take a break from the jam-packed town and switch to an intimate night out. Im a domesticated girl now.

5inch heels & less than conservative clothes are thrown at the back of my closet.


Dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant, Valentino



Quaradu for drinks at Dempsey up next.



Shopping at Ikea with the boy for his curtains & had lunch there. We both celebrated National Day the day after by wearing red. A coincidental adorable mistake.



School’s out but exams are still far from over. Yet to mug hard. Too many distractions.

GdNight Folks. Back to studies.

August 4, 2008

Were you an ugly kid?

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I want to bang my head on the bloody wall already. 2 months back, when i cut classes & stayed at home, having nth but the radio on, i can relax and shake leg the whole day. Movies after movies. That is life, please.


Fast forward 2 months later to August 04, im rushing projects the moment i wake up, calling up lecturers to clarify my doubts. It dosent help i have different classmates for ALL my bloody modules. Yea sure, you will get to know a hell lot of people. But not close enough to say “Eh send me your report leh. I need it for ‘reference’.” Ccb. I got confused & called up the wrong lecturer & that monkey said, “Shame on you! Dont even know your lecturer’s name. Tsk tsk.”


SP sucks la. The crowd sucks. No eye candies. The girls cant pee in the toilet properly. The lecture hall looks like it will fall apart if you use a hammer and bang it. I give the food 4/10. I have to climb the hill everyday. Till now, i dont get why people say business block girls “fucking pretty” & engineering guys “cocksteaming hot”. They have never seen the world. The way the guys look at girls, you would think they are kopitiam-lao-ah-bengs in training.


WAH! ccb i fucking cranky today. Shut up already. Or im gonna have fugly kids.

& i laugh at people who say “All children are beautiful.” Thats bullshit, really. I cant stand kids. Period. Babies are worst. Fucking noisy. Okok. They are not ugly. They are beautifully challenged.



HAHAHA! Its so ugly it needs a paper bag to cover his/her face.


I googled ugly babies and this site came up that states “Ugly Baby Contest” and winners will be placed in the Ugly Baby Calendar. Wow. Thats a real prize.



My karma coming already.

August 2, 2008

24 hrs is too short.

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The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight is the best movie thus far. MUST WATCH! Its different from all other superhero movies about super powers & such. The underlying morals in the story just struck a chord in me.


The values of Good over Evil were extremely minimal, in fact, i thought it was thwarted.

But, I just love dark movies. I didnt get the hype intitally about Heath Ledger. I thought everyone was raving about his performance due to his death. BUT, HE FUCKING DESERVES AN OSCAR!


I was blown away (by his makeup too) & the show is insanely good!


Christian Bale paled in comparison beside him.

But, he can be my Dark Knight any day. Hahaha


“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”


Money Not Enough 2

This show is a COMPLETE waste of time. Disappointing. I dont mean to put down local productions intentionally as i support them, but it really was disappointing.

Part 1 was way better. Dont waste your money, really.


BUT, it did make me reflect on the way i was treating my parents. I promised to myself i musttttt treat them with some TLC. No use. I have a short fuse & i flared up at them the next day.



Anyway my after-school-town routine died off already. Too busy with projects. No time to shop & eat good food anymore. But then again, i strive under pressure. If there isnt a tight deadline or anything to kick my ass if i were to repeat any modules again, i would prolly stay in SP for 5 years.


To-do list: 2 presentations, 3 reports & 2 tests to go. All a week!  &%^&^$%^#&%(*^(o&(^&^$%@

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