January 30, 2009

Start of another circle

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I’ve met so many people the past few days & the long nights, i spent with them. Our CNY has always been more westernized since the passing of my grandma (nai nai, i call her) 9 years back. Maybe that explains why my Ang Pao money is dwindling down & my dinners always spent at new western hotspots & hidden finds around S’pore. Been to so many places, the pictures will never say it right.


School is keeping me tied to the laptop & i miss my friends so very much. Have not had a GNO for so long already. =(  And can you believe, Ho Weiqi just stays opposite me, our schools 10 mins apart from each & yet, we both too busy with our own lives. I miss you, bitch.


Yesterday was supposed to be a splendid affair with BF & his cousins for dinner at Porta Porta (Changi) but the dinner was a disappointment. It was supposed to be his belated BD dinner treat from his cousins but its rrly too bad the food wasn’t any better. But, the one at Stanly St is a must go, the food a must eat & the italian young boss a must see. All 3 very delicious. Haha


Im going to bed now, taking a day off for break on Friday. 3/4 hours of sleep a night & daily outings are killing me.


January 9, 2009

Small balls, hideous face

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Now, i can NEVER look at men the same way again.

You know at the ends of every cabins there is a 2-seater right?


The red spray paint behind = Red Hill

Anyway, the pink hottie is me and the word “ASS” is a malay old uncle around 50+ plus. When i sat down there, there were 2 aunties there too. One beside him, one beside me. That period, he was already throwing me glances which i stared at him at. That MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A BITCH! The moment those 2 aunties left, THAT JACKASS started to spread his legs AND fucking stroke his tiny dick and fucking stared at me while doing it.

SON OF A SLUT! I initially thought he was SCRATCHING it so i looked away. But i got pretty uncomfortable and looked back and saw him stare at me without a break and…. touching it.

FUCK. I should have took some old auntie kai lan or carrot and shove it up his dirty ass, cut his wrinkled dick out, watch him bleed then shove it into his mouth.

The thought of that makes me sick and it dosen’t help that my classmates laughed at me fucking hard and came up with dirty jokes. I suspect he sits in the train the whole fucking day back and forth from Pasir Ris and Boon Lay wanking to girls.

If you are on a train to Jurong East and see an old malay asshole wearing pasar malam 3 bucks clothes with dishevelled hair and fucking ugly face, punch him or knee his dick and pull his balls out.

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