May 2, 2009

The barbaric twosome.

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Was heading to town for lunch at Sakae Sushi @ Wheelock & was messaging very excitedly to Ivy about our dear friend. Keeping it private for now till I can fully absorb the implications of it (which is many).


So i was walking down the escalator + smsing & I fucking tripped. Fell 6/7 steps down. Okay look, i’m accustomed to wearing heels all the time although tolerance max is 5.5 inches. Any higher and ill fall flat on my face. BUT, when i wear sandals, i ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS fall down. Without fail. At least 5 times a day. But im fucking determined to walk like a shu nu w/o falling over every single time.


Back to topic, a 20+ y.o couple was standing at the side and staring at me and that burst every bit of my fiber into flames. OI FUCKERS, im a pathetic sight lying on the floor already & you can’t move 5 steps to help me ah? My leg was bleeding but all my wrath was directed at that stupid couple. I was so bloody pissed that I didn’t know it bled till 5 hours later. Seriously. Also, my shopping loots flew all over the place & I was scrambling around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to grab everything back. Pathetic sight no.2


I’m not even embarrassed man. More like shooting daggers at that loutish, uncivilized, rude *&*^(%&%$&^#&$%**(&(&%^(%*$&#!!*%^


Lesson learnt: No more sandals from now.

Good for whoever coined the word “Ugly Singaporeans”.


In a pissy mood now. Gonna edit the Tokyo trip photos to get over that no good son of a bitches.


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