June 6, 2009

No cue, direction or line.

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Hi guys. I would like to thank… all of you. For reading my blog, caring about how I’m doing. I really appreciate all of you, my friends. I guess its only my friends who read this right? Since i don’t publicise my blog. Hahahah. I am grateful when you message me to leave me notes of encouragement when i’m sad. Like how i do, you. =)


Its my family & my friends who can make me so happy and make me filled with love, honesty and pride. I am really thankful for having all of your as part of my life. You guys affect me in so many different ways and I have become what you have given me. When i’m hurting bad beneath, you guys makes my day brighter. I can be stubbornly filled with reckless emotions and do all stupid things when together.


I’m sad when you write your blog with such melancholic thoughts or when I can’t be by your side when you feel cast aside and heartbroken. We have changed a lot. Or can it be said as… we are walking to our right paths in life? We hardly meet as often now and… for one, I am grateful for we have the internet where we can communicate – through our blogs.


When you feel as if the whole world has abandoned you, I’m dutifully here. 

Never say you have no one when I’m a call away.

You know you never have to put a mask in front of me and sugarcoat anything.



I hope your lives will be filled with only happy things & a healthy soul.


This is NOT  suicidal note. I started to blog out about Bali and when i started listening to Class 95’s love songs in the background….. BAM! I am writing love songs… in my own fashion. However, everything I say here is heartfelt and true. I love all of you and… when you’re down, I’m here.


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